Male Bottle Baby. Hes 3 weeks old. Mom had triples and the mom has started rejecting him. I dont have the time to bottle feed him. Mom and Father on-site. Text with any questions .
I have bottle baby goats two boys super nice 150 each if you need a specific goat let me know what you need give me I can find it call ask for Bobby
a few different selection of rabbits. have 1 all black male meat rabbit born on 123018. for sale. have 1 half black half brown mini rex male almost 1 year old. also have 5 younger babies mixed with mini rex. 3 males and 2 female born on 41319. 2 males are black one is chinchilla coat. one female is all white and the other is white with brown and black spots. asking $20 each for the babies $15 e...
THE KIDS IN PICTURES 78 AND 910 ARE SALE PENDINGLockefordLodi areaNigerian Dwarf wethers available - some with wattles andor blue eyes. All are disbudded or polled naturally hornless. The first 6 boys 1st 12 pictures were bottle babies and are now weaned and ready to go. They are very sweet and friendly. $150 each.The 6 boys in pictures 13-24 are dam-raised. Some are old enough to go, others ne...
6 week old baby floppy eared rabbits available. They eat rabbit pellets, hay and drink from a water bottle. They make perfect pets. I have 8 available, 1 light brown, 1 dark brown nix, 2 black and 4 grey. FREE.
2 pasture raised steers for sale 18 months old as of April1 Angus $15001 Hereford $1300Both were bottle babies raised on goat milk for the first 4 months. Ready to be grain finished. Very tame and easy to handle. Buyer must provide their own transport.